“Vestry” is the Episcopal church’s term for the executive board of a parish. A vestry is led by two officers, the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden. The Senior Warden might be compared to a chief executive officer and the Junior Warden to a chief operations officer. Both positions are elected every year from the members of the vestry. We hold elections for vestry members every year as well. Members are elected to three year terms, and the terms are staggered so that we elect three or four new members annually. Elections are held in January.

2023 Vestry

Tim Betz, Holly Engel, Rae Fellows (Senior Warden), Clara Ferance, Dylan Flint, Dale Harris, Stuart Hobbs (Junior Warden), Eric Peters, Norm Wernet.

Convention Delegates

The Diocese of Southern Ohio meets in convention at least once a year. Each parish sends delegates. Our delegates to convention are also elected in January. Our 2023 delegates are:

Mikalene Guiser, Edward Lesseigne, Janet McNaughton, and Joe Rutter