Transition News – October 8, 2015

Thank you to everyone who participated in the parish meetings over the
last few months! The search committee looked over the results of all of
the discussions and exercises, as well as the planning committee
survey, and picked out some themes. We have distilled them into a set
of five core values, which we will use to complete our parish and
ministry profiles and guide our work as we meet with candidates:

St. Stephen’s Core Values

  • Open Table: The open table is our practice of allowing anyone
    to share in the Eucharist, but it also represents a broader vision of
    openness and inclusivity. Everyone is invited to participate fully
    in the life of the parish, in any way they feel called to do so.
  • Social Justice: We work to make the political and economic
    systems in which we live more just, while also extending a
    helping hand to those who need one.
  • Strong, Loving Community: Sharing joys and celebrating
    together, and bringing the love of Christ into situations of need
    and crisis within our congregation.
  • Voices of Faith and Reason: At St. Stephen’s, we believe that
    religion should stimulate us intellectually, as well as emotionally
    and spiritually. We live out that belief by focusing on the
    presence and incarnation of Jesus in our lives, and grappling with
    what it means for us and for our world.
  • Inspiring Worship: Worship at St. Stephen’s feeds spiritual
    hunger and provides a venue for continuous revelation by
    providing opportunities to connect with God. We strive for
    creativity and beauty within the traditions of the Episcopal

Please take a look at the full document attached, which expands on the
list here by including strengths and weaknesses for each area, and
contact Melanie ( or Mikalene
( with any comments or concerns. This
document will also be included on a bulletin insert on Sunday, October
18th, with an opportunity to give feedback in the offering plate.

Melanie and Mikalene