Transition News March 31, 2016

This week both the old and new Vestry met and new Vestry officers were elected.  Shelley Boales was elected Clerk of the Vestry.  Edward Lasseigne was elected to continue in his new role as Treasurer.  Bernie Castell was elected Junior Warden.  And, breaking with tradition (isn’t that how we tend to do things at St. Stephen’s?), we elected co-Senior Wardens:  Joe Fowler and Wayne Sheppard will together be taking on the Senior Warden role.  Apparently for official church business, we can only list a single senior warden, so Joe will be the one officially listed.  However they will function as a team within the parish.  Congratulations to all!  I am grateful to hand things over to these terrific and dedicated people.  On another note, the Vestry sadly accepted David Soland’s resignation from the Vestry.  Joe Rutter has accepted an appointment by the Vestry to serve out the one year remaining on David’s term.  Transition news in the future will be coming to you from your new wardens and from your search committee chairs.

-Cynthia Whitacre, Former Senior Warden