Transition News -January 21, 2016

Well, here’s hoping your eyes don’t glaze over with this topic!  The exciting Bylaws revision!  Yes, we did a thorough (we thought) revision of the St. Stephen’s Bylaws last year.  Then we submitted them to the diocese as part of the search process.  They came back to us with a request from the Chancellor of the Diocese for a few more minor changes.  So, we have bylaws revision on the agenda again this year as part of the upcoming February 28 Annual Meeting.  Wayne Sheppard (with his lawyer hat on) kindly reviewed the changes that the diocese requested and agrees they are very minor.  They are: changing reference to the “National Canons” to “The Episcopal Church canons”; changing “Law of the Diocese“ to “the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Southern Ohio”; and deleting a section referring to state law.  The Vestry has reviewed and consented to these changes.  I will post copies of our existing bylaws (as voted on last year), the revised bylaws with these changes, and a list of the exact wording changes on the bulletin board at the entrance to the church prior to this Sunday.  If you would like a copy sent to you by email, please let the church office know.  Please let this serve as the required notice that a bylaws vote will take place at the Annual Meeting.

So, now, with that stimulating topic covered, what other topics would you like on the agenda for the Annual Meeting?  Please let me or Mike Harbin know, and we’ll do our best to address everything you want covered.


Cynthia Whitacre, Senior Warden