Transition News for July 28, 2016

When I became co-Senior Warden several wise and experienced members of the congregation counseled me that the virtue I would need the most is patience.  Having served on the last search committee I remembered that it can be lengthy and require those not directly involved to trust.  I believe that our search committee has done some very heavy lifting on our behalf and deserves our thanks and continuing prayerful support.  Please continue to trust the process.


What I failed to understand was how much patience would be needed with the bureaucracy both at OSU and at the State of Ohio as we sought an easement to bring electricity to our building to install air conditioning.  Having worked thirty years at two very large public libraries, I thought I understood bureaucrats.  Now I believe I only had experience with the junior varsity.  But, as Bernie wrote last week, this process is drawing to a close.


As the parents out there are well aware the school year is breathing down our necks once again.  Jeff is making plans to restart AWAKE and Aware in September. Read future announcements for details.


We also will be planning a community potluck after a September service.  We are looking at ways to invite more OSU students to this event. As with the sign that we are putting up on the North side of the building facing the new dorms where thousands of students will reside, we want them to know that we are a part of their community and they can be a part of ours.


Finally, I am happy to announce that the Rev. Dr. Cheryl Peterson will be our celebrant and preacher on August 14.  Dr. Peterson is Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Lutheran Seminary.  She also has a number of years pastoring congregations and has published widely.  Please welcome her to St. Stephen’s.


-Joe Fowler, Sr. Warden