Transition News February 4 2016

We have some more transitions coming up with the Annual meeting on February 28 (mark your calendars!).  Four folks will be rotating off the Vestry and four new folks will be elected.  The folks completing their terms are Mignonne Whitlow, Thomas Clark, Mike Harbin, and me (Cynthia Whitacre).  Mignonne has served as Clerk for the past 2 years, and I thank her for that service.  Thomas has been an excellent Vestry member, actively contributing to all the discussions (as has Mignonne), and his service is much appreciated.   Mike and I remain as wardens until new Wardens are elected at the Vestry meeting on March 28.  And, I must say, it has been a pleasure to serve with Mike these past two years.  We haven’t always agreed on everything, but we respect each other and work very well together.  At that March 28 Vestry meeting, new wardens, along with a new vestry clerk will be elected.

The slate this year for both Vestry and Convention Delegate is exceptional.  The folks running for Vestry are: Agnes Burris, Edward Lasseigne, Kaitlyn Raver, Joe Rutter, Norm Wernet, Wayne Sheppard and Rob Wood.  Selecting only four of them will be difficult, but what a nice challenge to have!  The slate for Diocesan Convention Delegates is:  Rae Fellows, Edward Lasseigne, Janet McNaughton, Norm Wernet, and Mignonne Whitlow.  We will elect four as delegates and the remaining person will be our alternate.  The ballots will be available starting on Sunday, February 14.

-Cynthia Whitacre, Senior Warden