The Key to Happiness

People who buy less are happier, according to a study published in Young Consumers. The more people endorsed materialistic values, the more they were competitive, manipulative, and selfish; the more they had depression, anxiety, and health problems; and the more they were dissatisfied with their lives. Materialism increased when people used more social media.

Instead of just short-term hedonism, try sustainable happiness. People are happier if they can have more time instead of things, give more than get, appreciate what they have instead of trying to get what they don’t have, and create strong relationships and a life purpose.
Experiments show that happier people take more action, according to three studies published in The Journal of Positive Psychology. Those happier people promoted environmental issues, fought corruption, and attended rallies.

When you feel ready, try even small acts of activism like signing a petition. It makes people happier, possibly because it gives them a sense of purpose and a chance to meet others, according to a study published in the same journal.

Sierra Magazine 1/27/2022

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