Sunday Worship on May 10th

We will be livestreaming our worship to our Facebook page this morning. You might have to scroll down a little to find the video playing. Here’s the link the parish’s page: If you’re not used to Facebook, know that the livestream will start playing on its own a little before10:30 (if technical issues don’t delay it). You don’t need to do anything to start it. First you’ll see a slide welcoming you to the service, and it might look like nothing is happening. Then the slide will change and the prelude will start to play, indicating that the service has begun. Right after the service, we will try to embed a video of it right here. So check back at around 11:45, if you missed the livestream or had trouble watching it. Also note that the first slide is silent and just fills space on the screen until the prelude begins, so advance the video through that first slide if you’d like.

And here’s a link to this week’s bulletin. We’re also presenting the service as a slideshow, so you might not need the bulletin. But just in case you do, please feel free to download it.

After the service, please come back here so that you can use the link below to join the Zoom gathering. I’ll offer three questions during my sermon. After the service, you’ll be invited to use the following link to join a Zoom gathering where we can discuss those questions. We have the capability to create break out rooms within large Zoom meetings, and if we have enough attendees, I’ll put us all into groups of three or four so that we can discuss the questions with more intimacy than we might feel possible within a larger meeting. After about twenty minutes, I’ll call the small groups back and ask one person to report from each group. I so miss hearing the wisdom of all of the members of our beautiful church, and I hope that this plan will allow us some sense of what it’s like to be together in person. Here’s the link:

And here are the three questions we’ll be discussing:

  • What vision for the future of the world excites your imagination?
  • How will your yearning lead you to love and be healed in that world?
  • How, and who, will you serve in that world?

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