Some Positive News About Plastic Pollution and More Useful Environmental Newsletters

The UN Environment Programme (Unep) has released a report saying that Global plastic pollution could be slashed by 80% by 2040. The Guardian reports that “The changes needed are major, but are also practical and affordable.… The first step is to eliminate unnecessary plastics, such as excessive packaging, the report said. Then next steps are to increase the reuse of plastics, such as refillable bottles, boosting recycling and replacing plastics with greener alternatives. Such a shift, driven by government policies and changes in the plastic industry, would mean plastic pollution would drop to about 40m tons in 2040, rather than 227m tons if no action is taken.” Read the full story here. You might also want to subscribe to The Guardian’s environmental newsletter, Down to Earth, though it does have a UK bias. (This image is from another good living sustainably site: GutIdentity)

Speaking of newsletters, here are some more environmental newsletters with a positive attitude and useful ideas for sustainable living:
Katherine Hayhoe is a climate scientist and an evangelical Christian who is trying to get more conservative Christians to embrace fighting climate change. Her weekly newsletters give good news and bad along with suggestions for sustainable living.
Green America is a green business oriented publisher that has a variety of newsletters and guides for combating climate change, shopping sustainably, and making changes at home. When you reach the site to sign up, be sure not to leave until you choose the mailings you want to receive on the lower left screen, or you’ll get everything!

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