Sign-Up to Help Lead Worship

Liturgy is classically known as “the work of the people.” Although a priest preside over our worship, for our services to be as meaningful as they can be many other people must help as well. There are a number of liturgical roles that anyone can take, and opportunities for training in all of them. Below you will find a description of each ministry, and a link to a Doodle Poll where you can indicate your availability to help lead. At the start of every month, you will get an email letting you know when you have been scheduled (only on Sundays when you’ve indicated that you’re available, we promise).


Acolytes carry the cross and candles in procession and help set the table for the eucharist. Adults, kids, and college students are all invited to serve as acolytes. Click here to indicate your availability.


Intercessors lead the prayers each Sunday. Click here to indicate your availability.


Lectors take the readings from the Old Testament and the Epistle. They are also often asked to lead or read the canticle/psalm. Click here to indicate your availability.

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