Shine a Light Shabbat at Hillel on December 8th

St. Stephen’s is invited to join OSU Hillel for a special Shabbat service on December 8th at 5:15. OSU Hillel is located at 46 E 16th Ave, Columbus, OH 43201.

Many faiths celebrate seasons of light in December. Christians enter into the season of Advent and mark the Sundays before Christmas by lighting advent wreaths to mark the in-breaking of divine light into human life. Hindus light clay lamps while celebrating Diwali, symbolizing the inner light that protects from spiritual darkness. Jews light the menorah during the eight days of Hanukkah, a commemoration that holds many meanings, not the least of which is an internal battle against the disruptive and broken parts of our human nature.

The recent antisemitic attacks on campus are a clear sign of our human brokenness, and it is more than appropriate for people of many religions to join together during this season to pray and to stand in opposition to those forces that would denigrate and attack our Jewish neighbors.

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