Save the Date: OSU Center for the Study of Religion Lecture at St. John’s, November 4

Join OSU’s Center for the Study of Religion on Thursday, November 4, at 7:00 p.m. at St. John’s, Worthington for “The Gnostic Jesus: The Divine Savior in the Gospel of Judas and Other Early Christian Writings.” This lecture will be given by Professor David Brakke, Joe R. Engle Chair in the History of Christianity and Professor of History at OSU and author of the forthcoming The Gospel of Judas: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary. Who sent Jesus? Was Jesus divine, human, or somehow both? What did he do to bring salvation to people? Christians of the second and third centuries debated these questions intently, and recently discovered lost writings like the Gospel of Judas enable us to see how “heretical” Christians like the Gnostics participated in these discussions. This lecture will explore the Gnostic versions of Jesus and discuss how the Gnostic Jesus differed from and resembled the Jesus proclaimed by more orthodox Christians. Admission is free; masks are required.

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