Reopening Survey: Please Fill-Out by Friday, June 12th

For a month now, the Reopening Taskforce has been meeting and thinking about how and when we can regather for in-person worship services. We would like your opinion on many aspects of regathering, so we’ve created this survey that we hope you will fill out quickly and thoughtfully, by this Friday morning (June 12) at the latest. We apologize for the urgency behind this, but if we are to reopen in early July, we need to begin making many intricate preparations now. Three of the Columbus area Episcopal churches are set to reopen in the next month, and many churches of other denominations are preparing to reopen soon as well. Although we don’t feel in any way governed by the choices of others, we also miss being together as a community, and want to make choices about being together that take seriously our responsibility to care for one another’s welfare.

The survey is available online. Simply follow this link to fill it out. (remember to click “Next” at the bottom of each of the survey’s three pages). If you have technical issues, or would simply prefer to have the survey conducted by phone, please email Father Karl ( and he will schedule a time to survey you.

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