Prison Abolition and Christianity 6-week Bible study Thursday evenings June 11 – July 16 7:00pm – 8:00 p.m.

As the United States is embroiled in protests following the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department, Christians throughout our nation cry out for justice. A commonly proposed solution is that of reform—eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing, the overhaul of broken windows policing, and the like. This study, however, asks the question: “What does truly community-based rehabilitation look like?”

Throughout this six-week study, we will explore the background of mass incarceration in the United States through the work of Angela Davis and Christian Ethics writers. We will also examine the biblical framework for prison abolition, and what Jesus’ death on the cross means for justice and punishment in our lives.

Before each meeting, please read through the external reading assigned. We’ll use these to frame our discussions. If you are unable to complete the readings before, no worries! You are more than welcome to participate in discussion. We will begin each meeting by praying a psalm together, and then reading a selection from the New Testament.

Course facilitator will be Sam Christopher. To sign up for the study, please contact Sam at

Zoom link:

Readings for the first session on June 11 are:

Living Church: “A Christian Case for Prison Abolition”


“The Nation: What is Prison Abolition?” prison-abolition/

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