More Ways to Live Sustainably

A reader recently wrote to us about how useful the Creation Care articles were to her daughter Kelsey. Kelsey was working on a Sustainability project for her Earth Science class. The class was required to write a report discussing which renewable and non renewable resources they use on a daily basis; they were required to calculate their carbon footprint, and explain how pollution and excess waste affects the planet as a whole. They were also required to come up with an action plan for their family’s household to become more eco-friendly. The websites Kelsey found in our Creation Care posts were perfect for her to include in her project. She and her mom really appreciated the help. Kelsey sent this household recycling and donation guide and wanted to share:

It has a great list of places that accept clothing donations worldwide and additional information on where you can recycle and donate other household goods like lighting, appliances and electronics. It’s wild to read about how much ‘fast fashion’ ends up in landfills or worse – the ocean. Kelsey thought it could help families who are new to recycling!

Thank you, Kelsey!

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