It’s Time to Get Political about Creation Care

It’s all very well to recycle as much as we can, buy natural products, avoid consumerism and try to live more simply, but the best way to fight climate change is legislation. There are plenty of lobbyists for the side that wants to slow the fight down (even though that might be the end of human life on earth). Concerned Christians need to go directly to their legislators, letting them know that this is urgent and we expect them to do something about it.
This graph from a survey of congressional staff shows the most effective way to get your point across

Level of Influence of Different Advocacy Strategies

So what do you lobby about this year? Every spring since 2003 Church World Service has organized a conference in Washington D.C. sponsored by many denominations and ecumenical agencies called Ecumenical Advocacy Days. Beginning on Sunday night, more than 1000 attendees gather to learn about a few pressing issues of the time for two days and then go to lobby their legislators on the third. The lobbying consists of presenting “Asks,” that is, we ask our legislators to address specific issues with legislation. The “Asks” are backed by background papers, talking points and resources to leave with the legislator.

This year’s theme was climate change, “Imagine! God’s Earth and People Restored.” Here are the documents the conference produced to help us communicate with our legislators.
The Domestic “Ask” Backgrounder
The International “Ask” Backgrounder
Talking (or writing) Points
A Document to Leave Behind with Your Legislator
And the leader of Catholic Climate Covenant who participated in a workshop at EAD 2021 last week shared this downloadable “toolkit” on how to write letters to the editor and Op Eds for our local newspaper.
So, time to get lobbying! Write to your legislators, write a letter to the Dispatch.

Let’s do our part to educate and press for solutions to the climate crisis.

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Thanks for your interest in caring for God’s creation!

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