It’s Time to Act

We have had a month of heat wave disasters in the United States and Canada and a month of flood disasters in Europe. Scientists are in general agreement that these disasters would not be so severe were it not for climate change. There are predictions that the superheated dome over the northwest will become semi-permanent because of the weakened jet stream. Already almost 700 people have died from excessive heat, five times the number who have died from heat related causes in the past. It’s time to act. How to act? Here are some links that are full of ideas.

First, an article from Grist about the many ways heat waves can be life threatening. Next an article from Emily Aiken’s newsletter, Heated, that traces the direful effects of climate change around the world and closes with links to ways we can contribute to doing something about it. Even more useful in terms of suggestions for action are the comments to her newsletter article that her readers sent in.

There is currently political wrangling in the U.S. Senate over climate change bills. An activist group of advertising executives have set up a website, #callforclimate, making it easy to frame a message and then call our senators.

Finally, heat waves in the Midwest can be even more dangerous than western ones because of what scientists call the wet-bulb effect. If high heat is combined with high humidity, the human body is unable to sweat enough to lower the body temperature. Death can occur quickly. So, to be prepared, check out these CDC recommendations for preventing heat related illness.

Please use #callforclimate today, and, after reading the articles, decide on other ways you can act to prevent more climate change disasters.

Thanks for taking citizen action to fight worsening climate change.


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