Honoring the Victims of the Pandemic

A Reflection by Joe Rutter

A couple of days ago I read a post from the Washington National Cathedral announcing that, as a way of acknowledging the death of over 200,000 Americans to the pandemic, the tolling bell housed in the Gloria in Excelsis Central Tower would be rung today once for every 1,000 victims, or 200 times. This inspired me to ask permission from Father Karl if I could ring the bell in our courtyard 200 times after the worship today.

I did that, and I must say the cumulative effect of that action was profound and humbling. With ten seconds between each peal, the total time for the tolling was 33 minutes and 21 seconds. I ended with prayers for the souls of all the departed, and that God be merciful and relieve us from this terrible oppressive disease.

Simply overwhelming. 

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