Holy Week Services
Here is an updated version of our plans for our Holy Week services:
Maundy Thursday, Thursday Evening at 6:00 PM
We will hold an Agape Feast at 6:00 PM. We’ll live stream it to Facebook. But we’ll also include some specific and lovely little rituals for your household. So here are some things you can do in advance to prepare:
  • Share your favorite recipe with other members of the church. You can email the recipes to parishoffice@ststephens-columbus.org by Tuesday night, and we’ll put them together and send them out to the parish.
  • Prepare your evening meal before 6:00 PM and put it aside to keep warm during the first part of the service.
  • Procure a candle or two and a lighter.
  • Procure some wine or a suitable substitute, and some bread or a suitable substitute, and have them ready.
The Watch in the Garden, Thursday Evening through Friday at 12:30 PM
If we have enough volunteers, we will hold a Watch in the Garden. This is a beautiful and ancient custom of trying to stay awake with Jesus, at least for an hour or so, in the Garden of Repose.Our plan is to break the night into hour long shifts. Each person who takes a shift will light a candle in their home and pray beside it (and maybe some house plants) for that hour. We’ll provide a small devotional text for you to use. After the hour is over, this person will call or text the person who is taking the next hour of watch and ask them to light their candle. Once they’re sure that the next person has lit a candle, they’ll put their own candle out. This way we’ll ensure that a flame is always burning in one of our houses. I have created this Google Sheet for you to sign-up for an hour, if you feel called to participate in the Watch in the Garden.
Good Friday, Friday at 12:30 PM
We will hold our Good Friday service at the end of the Watch in the Garden. Once again, we will livestream it to Facebook. I realize that work considerations may prevent some of you from participating directly in the service. The livestream will remain on the Facebook page, so you will have a chance to view it afterwards. No preparation on your part is needed for this service. Simply join us at the appointed time.
The Easter Vigil, Saturday Night at 9:00 PM
We will hold the Great Vigil of Easter on Saturday night and livestream it to Facebook. Again, you don’t have to do anything beyond spiritually preparing for this service.
Easter Sunday, Sunday Morning at 9:45 AM
We’ve decided to join the Cathedral’s 10:00 AM service for Easter Sunday. But we also want to give a smile and a hello beforehand. So join us for a Facebook live-stream at 9:45 AM. We’ll include a link to the Cathedral’s service at the end of the live-stream. We also have some plans for families and kids to get together afterward over Zoom. We sent out an email with details on Monday, and if you need it to be resent to you, please email Karl (rector@ststephens-columbus.org).

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