HB6, nuclear and coal bailout, still in effect

 After the FBI indicted former House Speaker Larry Householder this summer over a $61 million dollar bribery scheme crucial to the passage of the nuclear plant bailout bill HB 6 in 2019, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine called for repeal of the tainted law, but the repeal is stranded in the Select Committee on Energy Policy and Oversight which he appointed to oversee it, and no vote will occur before Election Day. The Committee has not scheduled any opportunity for public testimony.

The Creation Care aspect is that HB 6 ends ratepayer fees that support energy efficiency programs helping households and businesses to reduce their electricity use and carbon footprint. Instead, it props up nuclear and coal-fired plants that can’t compete against cheaper renewable and natural gas generation.

The Legislature has already missed the 90-day deadline to repeal the bill before the new ratepayer charges go into effect in January.

If you want to make your voice heard, email the Select Committee Chair, James Hoops, at rep81@ohiohouse.gov and ask him to copy your letter to all on the committee. Copy your letter to the Speaker of the House, Bob Cupp, at rep04@ohiohouse.gov. Be sure to stress that you want the support for energy efficient programs be restored.

(Excerpted from the October 20, 2020 issue of eConnections of the DSO)

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