Earth Month Is Here!

Huh. So what? What difference does it make? When governments and big corporations drag their feet about the climate crisis people can get cynical about ground-roots movements . Yet some of the most significant social changes have come from the ground up, like the Suffragist Movement, like the Civil Rights Movement, like many smaller movements that have resulted in legislation that alleviated poverty and increased justice. Having an annual focus on saving the environment year after year keeps the pressure on government and business to do something meaningful.

So, what can you do this Earth Month to contribute?

  1. You can make a promise. Here are six promises you can make to reduce your personal contribution to climate change. You don’t have to make all six at once. Just start with the one you can make now.
  2. You can reduce your reliance on meat in your diet. Here are eight environmental cookbooks you can try.
  3. You can dress for the planet.
  4. You can keep yourself better informed. My favorite eNews sources are Simply Living for local news and events, and EcoWatch and Grist for national.
  5. You can volunteer to do a task in the Earth Month Ecochallenge as an individual or part of a local team. Simply Living has a team, or you can check last week’s column to join another local team.

However you contribute, you are supporting a movement to build a sustainable future.

Thanks for your commitment to praying and caring for God’s creation!

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