Daily Reflection – Our Love For One Another

During this Covid-19 outbreak, I’ll try to write daily reflections. I know that my own understanding of my faith, my community, and of God is growing during this time, and I feel a need to turn away from anxiety once a day (at least) and focus on the ways that Christian love grows in our lives during times of crisis.

We met for church yesterday morning, maybe for the last time for several weeks, and afterwards we had a conversation about how we would support and love each other during this time. We came up with some practical ideas, but in this post I simply want to reflect on the conversation. I have noticed, since this pandemic began, that some of our older members seem fearless. They recount living through the AIDS crisis, or measles outbreaks in their youth, and wonder why things are different this time. Someone expressed this during yesterday’s meeting, and the response from the younger members was incredibly touching. They talked about how they might be carrying the virus asymptomatically, and how sad they would be if they passed it on without knowing it. They expressed a deep love for our older members, and a concern for their safety, and I found myself profoundly moved by their statements.

I don’t know why this health crisis is different, being neither an epidemiologist nor a medical professional. I accept that they understand this pandemic far better than I do. I am only a priest, and my role at this time is simply to point to how God is working in our lives. Yesterday, I went home in a state of wonderment and gratitude, as I considered the grace and moral loveliness of the young people of St. Stephen’s. I thank God that we were present with each other, and that the Holy Spirit was so active in our love for one another.

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