COP 27 Week 2

In this second week of the 27th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 27) the reports keep coming in. If you first would like an overview of the COP process, click here.

On to the reports:

40 Countries Announce Methane-Reduction Plans These countries pledged methane reduction at COP 26 last year. Now they are reporting on exactly how they will do it.
World Falling Short on Energy Transition Targets The International Renewable Energy Agency reports that only 12 of the 194 parties to the Paris Agreement have made progress toward their pledge.
Meanwhile, the tiny island nations of Tuvalu and Vanuatu that will be obliterated by sea rise are demanding an international treaty to stop fossil fuel expansion. The European Parliament, the Vatican, the WHO and many major cities have also endorsed such a treaty.
And on Tuesday, the UN announced that the world had reached eight billion people and is on track to reach ten billion by mid-century. This will have a profound effect on the ability to combat climate change. The rich countries will need to cut back consumption to a sustainable rate to limit disasters.

You can start doing your part by having a sustainable Thanksgiving. Before you shop for it, check this out.
Have a happy, sustainable Thanksgiving!

Thanks for your commitment to caring for God’s creation!

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