Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Services

Christmas Eve falls on the fourth Sunday of Advent this year. Because of this, our schedule on Sunday, December 24th will be significantly different. Here’s the full schedule:

Sunday, December 24 – 4th Sunday of Advent & Christmas Eve

  • There will be one morning service at 10:30 AM. This will be the Christmas Pageant. All of our children are working hard to create an amazing pageant!
  • There will be a midnight mass at 9:00 PM. Half an hour of carol singing will proceed the service, starting at 8:30 PM.

Monday, December 25 – Christmas Day

  • We will hold a Christmas morning service at 10:30 AM. Come for Karl’s patented awkward guitar playing. Although it may be less awkward this year, thanks to a special guest!

We will stream both the pageant and the Christmas Eve midnight mass. We will not stream the Christmas Day service (awkward guitar playing is only for those who show up in person).

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