Children’s Church on Hiatus until the End of the Summer

Our wonderful Christian Formation Director, Darien McCoy, is also the head counselor at Procter Camp. That means that his summer has been incredibly busy, and we’d like to give him a break. At the start of the summer, it was unclear whether we should have Children’s Church this summer, given that the pandemic is in its final days and there was some possibility that people would be rushing back to church. While it’s true that our Sunday morning attendance has been fairly good, all things considered, we just don’t have many kids coming back yet, in part, I’m sure, because they can’t be vaccinated yet. So, to give Darien a break and to give us as a parish a chance to regroup and prepare for the fall, we’re going to put Children’s Church on hiatus for the rest of the summer. Thank you so much. We look forward to seeing your kids in the fall!



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