We welcome children and families to St. Stephen’s! Our children’s program is small but mighty, and we’ll definitely learn your child’s name right away. Below you’ll find information about our programs, and links to recent posts.

Children’s Church

Children’s Church: From September through May, children and youth meet for Children’s Church during the Sunday 10:30 am service. Children take turns each Sunday in the roles of crucifer, acolyte, lector, and intercessor as they hold their own Liturgy of the Word with readings, songs, and homilies that are appropriate to their age. They return to the Sanctuary for the Liturgy of the Table (Communion).

Children’s Church is facilitated by Darien McCoy, he can be reached at: darienmccoy@gmail.com


The Nursery is open from 10:15 AM through the end of the 10:30 service and is staffed by trained babysitters. Children 4 and under are welcome to come play in this space while their parents attend worship. Children can join their parents for communion time or remain in the nursery.

Youth Group

Youth Group: We have a combined youth group (6th grade and up) with Saint John’s, Worthington. Youth Group meets online on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 – 2/3:00PM on Zoom. Youth Group includes time for everyone to share about their week, a lesson, and a game! For those interested in receiving a Zoom link, contact Darien McCoy:darienmccoy@gmail.com