Children, Fruitcake and a Little Song

It’s probably too late for this year, with all the presents for children already bought, wrapped and perhaps under the tree. But if you are tired of giving children heaps of Christmas presents that soon outlive their entertainment value, you might appreciate this advice from Katherine Martinko on keeping kids happy with fewer gifts to keep in mind for next year.

A few days ago I watched my grandsons toss a football, catch it, run with it, and tackle each other for an hour, laughing the whole time. I’m visiting in California, so a sweatshirt was enough to keep them warm. But if you’re in Ohio or another northern state, sending kids outside to play is different matter. Still, it is important to get your children outdoors from an hour to an hour and a half each day according to national and state guidelines. Even babies should have some time outdoors each day. Playing outdoors in winter keeps kids healthier and burns off a lot of energy (a great relief to parents). How do your keep them warm and dry while they play? Here are some tips for clothing and outdoor games.

Especially when it comes to older kids wi.h more independence, parents worry. Will they behave responsibly? Will they be safe? The answer for some parents is helicoptering, depriving their children of independence and space to explore on their own. One alternative is “lifeguarding,” sitting apart from the action and keeping an eye on everything that’s going on, poised to jump in if needed. That’s the advice of Dr. Mariana Brussoni of the University of British Columbia, who shares it here.

If you do not have children in the home, I have two items for you. The first is an article about what making fruitcake can teach us about living a sustainable life.

The second is a little song to be sung at Christmas and throughout the year:
Sing to the Tune of “Simple Gifts”
The Earth is our mother and the fullness thereof,
Her streets, her slums, as well as stars above.
Salvation is here where we laugh, where we cry,
Where we seek and love, where we live and die.
When our true liberty is found,
By fear and by hate we will no more be bound.
In love and in light we will find our new birth
And in peace and freedom, redeem the Earth.

A blessed Christmas to all my readers! Keep living sustainably, even during the holidays!


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