Bulletin Cover Art from August and September

Part of my spiritual discipline during this pandemic has been to paint every Saturday and Monday (unless I’m traveling or called away from my brushes by some other responsibility). I’ve almost finished illuminating Morning Prayer, so look for future posts about that. Since we started worshipping together in person, I’ve also been creating paintings for our bulletin covers. I thought I’d share the paintings I’ve made so far in this post, and then occasionally add a post with new paintings. You can always see each week’s paintings by coming in-person to our Sunday services, but I didn’t want to exclude anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with coming to church, but might like to see them.

I paint in gouache, which is what the medieval illuminators painted in. I like it because it’s thicker than watercolor, but water-based so it remains dynamic throughout the painting process. I’ve tried to keep a consistent color palette for this series, although I feel the style has changed slightly from painting to painting. Some are more successful than others, which is always the case when producing a body of work.

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