BREAD Statement on the Killing of Casey Goodson, Jr.

St. Stephen’s is a BREAD Affiliate, and in full support of this statement.

We are outraged, by the recent killing of Casey Goodson, Jr. by a Franklin County sheriff’s deputy. We grieve with the Goodson family on their loss of a loved one and concur with their cry for justice in this senseless loss of life. We understand that details and investigations surrounding this tragedy have not concluded. However, the continued killings of African Americans at the hands of police (or ex-police) continue to bring grief and distrust to our community. We join the cries of our brothers and sisters in our community that enough is enough.

Our outrage has led our leadership to form a committee to research what can be done to reform policing. Violence against African Americans has been a horrific part of our nation’s history since before it was founded: from slavery, to lynching, to mass incarceration, violence against Black people has often been committed and condoned by police. It is no wonder this has resulted in generations of distrust between law enforcement and the communities of color they are called to serve. We want to be a part of the solutions for building and repairing the relationship between law enforcement and local residents.

We join others in the call for a thorough, independent investigation to begin with the goal of informing the public fully of the circumstances of Casey Goodson Jr.’s death. Given the number of killings of Black people by the police, many in our community lack trust in law enforcement. Only a thorough, independent investigation that reveals what happened can begin to heal the community. 

In conclusion, B.R.E.A.D. stands against the established culture that creates division between law enforcement and entire communities and will inevitably result in more needless deaths of our residents. We will continue to work with other organizations that focus on long-term solutions to these divisions. We will continue to work for accountability and solutions to all types of violence in our neighborhoods. As people of faith, we will continue to do the hard work of justice and provide long-term solutions that will make justice possible for people in all of our Central Ohio neighborhoods.


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