All Saints Service on November 1 at 7:00 PM

This year, we are going to hold one of the major Christian feasts on the day that it actually takes place, rather than transferring it to the following Sunday. All Saints is a day in which we commemorate loved ones who have died, and recognize that the entire Christian family continues a life with God after death. We recognize the contribution to the world’s beauty and justice that particular Christians have made throughout history, and celebrate the contributions of those who have gone unremarked by history but whose love and service have had profound effects on their families and communities. 

This year, All Saints falls on a Tuesday. We will hold a special service at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, November 1. You are invited to bring photos of loved ones who have died to the service, or to church on the previous Sunday so that we can display them during the service even if you can’t attend. All Saints is also one of the four days when Holy Baptism is especially appropriate. If you, or a child in your care, wishes to be baptized on All Saints, let Karl know. We will also have a baptism on the following Sunday, November 6, so you can let Karl know if that date works better for you.

Honoring Those Who Have Died on November 1st

All Saints is a feast on which we name our deceased loved ones and acknowledge that they belong in the company of saints, known and unknown. To that end, it is a tradition in the Episcopal Church to read the names of the dead at the All Saints service. This list of names is called The Necrology, and we invite you to send the names of people you would like us to remember to Karl ( so that they can be included in this year’s Necrology. Please do this by Friday, October 28th so that we can print the necrology for the November 1st service.


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