Worship on Sunday, October 18th

Notice: Because Franklin County has been designated red by the State of Ohio’s Public Health Alert System, we will be holding online services only this Sunday.

8:30 Service

While the pandemic continues, we’re going to keep holding our 8:30 AM service online. It’s easy to join! Just click on the link below at 8:30 AM, and wait to be admitted to the service. If you’re a newcomer to St. Stephen’s, please email Karl at rector@ststepehens-columbus.org by Saturday night to indicate your interest in attending this service. Once he knows who you are, he’ll be happy to let you in on Sunday morning. We have to follow this procedure in order to prevent trolls from entering the meeting, but do know that you’re more than welcome to join us!

Here’s the link:


Children’s Church

There will be no Children’s Church this Sunday, due to the Covid threat in Franklin County increasing to a designated red state of emergency.

10:30 Service

We will be live-streaming our 10:30 Service to our Facebook page this morning. Here is a direct link to the video:


If you’re not used to Facebook, know that the livestream will start playing on its own a little before10:30 (if technical issues don’t delay it). You don’t need to do anything to start it. First you’ll see a slide welcoming you to the service, and it might look like nothing is happening. Then the slide will change and the prelude will start to play, indicating that the service has begun. We have a new video page, where all the videos of our services get uploaded soon after they are broadcast. Look at the menu at the top of this page and click on “video” to see all of the services and other videos that we have produced.

Here’s a link to this week’s bulletin. We’re also presenting the service as a slideshow, so you might not need the bulletin. But just in case you do, please feel free to download it.

Our coffee hour this week will be our BREAD House Meeting. Here is the link for our coffee hour.


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