Worship on Sunday, June 28th

8:30 Service

Since the pandemic began, we’ve heard from some of you who are having trouble finding the 10:30 AM service on Facebook, and who would prefer a more intimate and easily accessed service. So we’re restarting the 8:30 AM service, which will be exclusively on Zoom, and not broadcast to the wider world. It’s easy to join! Just click on the link below at 8:30 AM, and wait to be admitted to the service. If you’re a newcomer to St. Stephen’s, please email Karl at rector@ststepehens-columbus.org by Saturday night to indicate your interest in attending this service. Once he knows who you are, he’ll be happy to let you in on Sunday morning. We have to follow this procedure in order to prevent trolls from entering the meeting, but do know that you’re more than welcome to join us!

Here’s the link:


Children’s Church

Darien, our new Director for Christian Formation, has created a Children’s Church service that will debut this Sunday at 9:30 AM on Zoom. Kids and families will sing songs together (yes, it’s kinda sorta possible), hear a passage from scripture, and even get to make some crafts. If you plan to attend, try to have a candle and lighter handy so that all our kids can be acolytes. In order to get the Zoom link for the service, please email Karl at rector@ststephens-columbus.org by Saturday night.

10:30 Service

We will be livestreaming our 10:30 Service to our Facebook page this morning. You might have to scroll down a little to find the video playing. 

Here’s the link the parish’s page: https://www.facebook.com/St.StephensColumbus/ 

If you’re not used to Facebook, know that the livestream will start playing on its own a little before10:30 (if technical issues don’t delay it). You don’t need to do anything to start it. First you’ll see a slide welcoming you to the service, and it might look like nothing is happening. Then the slide will change and the prelude will start to play, indicating that the service has begun. Right after the service, we will try to embed a video of it right here. So check back at around 11:45, if you missed the livestream or had trouble watching it. Also note that the first slide is silent and just fills space on the screen until the prelude begins, so advance the video through that first slide if you’d like.

Here’s a link to this week’s bulletin. We’re also presenting the service as a slideshow, so you might not need the bulletin. But just in case you do, please feel free to download it.

Here is the link for our coffee hour. 


And here are the Coffee Hour Questions for this morning:

  • In what ways has our love, as individuals, as a community, as a society, become too narrow?
  • What clarity of sight do we need in order to distinguish God’s true voice from our world’s idols?
  • In what ways, literal or metaphorical, do we continue to sacrifice our children?

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