Wellstreams/Awakening Accepting Applications Now

Our friends at the Spirituality Network of Central Ohio are accepting applications for their new Wellstreams/Awakening Cohort. Wellstreams|Awakening is two-semester program of spiritual awakening where you are invited to…

  • Live a more contemplative life
  • Discover greater freedom to bring more compassion to the world
  • Nurture healthier relationships with the divine, others, and the world, based on a holistic view of self
  • Enhance skills for empathetic listening, discernment, and community building
  • Deepen expressions of spirituality

Several people at St. Stephen’s have been part of Wellstreams cohorts and have had wonderful experiences of deepened spirituality and growth. Here’s a full description of the program:

Stepping into this opportunity may be life-changing in the best possible way. We have witnessed countless participants describe the transformative quality of this program as the means to become more fully who they truly are, or in other words, more “fully alive.” 

We welcome anyone who is longing to explore their relationship with The Source of all life (God, Spirit, Love, Universe, Oneness, however you name this.) 

This one-year program of spiritual deepening offers a combination of experiential and facilitated learning that invites participants to uncover their own wisdom, deepening their own truth. It is the prerequisite for our practicum in spiritual direction: Wellstreams|Immersion. We invite you to reflect, discuss, share, and learn in a safe, judgment-free space. 

If you would like to know more about Wellstreams|Awakening, please contact Amanda Stone Cushing: ascushing4@spiritualitynetwork.org

How current participants describe what they have discovered in Wellstreams:

  • Community in “a loving, sacred environment” made of “seekers who … are encouraging and challenging in a way that honors every individual.”
  • Deeper self-knowledge as you are “encouraged to go deeper into” yourself.
  • Expanding sense of the mystery and infinity of The Divine.
  • Increasing acceptance and compassion for others: “moving away from ‘us vs. them’ mindset.” 
  • Curiosity about how the “Divine moves within … daily life.”
  • Being “exactly as you are … offers a deep sense of belonging.”
  • Feeling “more alive in [your] own truth” and more aware of “how everything belongs in this diverse world.”
  • Answers and invitations to your deep spiritual longings that you “couldn’t articulate” but somehow always sensed.
  • Learning to “listen and communicate … with a deep intention.” 

Click HERE to access the online application. 

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