We will be worshipping at St. Edward’s on Sunday

Because of the OSU 4Miler, which will close off all access to our building, we will be worshipping at St.Edward’s on Sunday morning. They have one service at 10:00 AM. Saint Edward’s is located at 214 Fairway Blvd in Whitehall. Please note: the restrooms at St. Edward’s require navigating a stairwell consisting of ten steps.

Our beloved resident, Patricia Rose, invites you to this service in these words:

As many of you know, St. Stephen’s service will take place at St. Edward’s in Whitehall on October 24 due to an OSU race which will close all streets around St. Stephen’s. You may also know that my clergy residency assignment is at both St. Stephen’s and St. Edward’s. 

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to warmly invite you to St. Edward’s and tell you that the  congregation is preparing and very excited for your visit! St. Edward’s is a very small congregation that is strong nonetheless with great diversity, love, faith, and resiliency. It is a community that has remained faithful to one another and God, and stayed afloat despite tremendous challenges in recent years. They have not had a clergy on staff for eleven years, no musician for six. And even through a year and a half of no services due to Covid, not even online, they have remained in loving, dedicated community. The congregation is thrilled to have music on the 24th  since Dennis Davenport and choral scholars will be there. They are deeply grateful for any opportunity to celebrate Eucharist (I am not able to celebrate Eucharist until my priestly ordination in the coming months, God willing). And they are especially happy to meet and welcome all of you! 

I’m really grateful for the blessing of serving both these two beloved communities, and very excited for the communities to meet one another. Looking forward to seeing you there! Please contact Karl if you need a ride, and please note our St. Edward’s service begins at 10 am, a half hour earlier than our schedule here at St. Stephen’s.   



PS – The Covid guidelines at St. Edward’s are the same as St. Stephen’s, masks, vaccination and social distancing required.

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