Transition News – October 4, 2015

Well, we are surely in a physical transition right now at our parish!  It was stunning to come to church last Sunday and see the chain link fence all along the front of the church.  It kind of felt like a prison, and made me reflect on how fortunate I am to have the freedoms I take for granted in my daily life.  As you likely know by now, OSU is putting in new sidewalks all along the front of the church as part of their general re-do of the area around our parish property.  So, we are going to get new sidewalks at OSU’s expense.  It is too bad we aren’t ready to move forward with the renovation of the step area in front of the church at the same time, but we’ll get to that at some future date.  The sidewalk work is expected to be completed in early October, so we won’t have to be in chains for long.  And, there is a lot going on this Sunday at church.  The last of our parish meetings mandated by the diocese as part of the search process is happening this Sunday afternoon following the 10:30 service.  And, between the service and the meeting, we are having a Spaghetti feast, sponsored by the Awake/Aware programs.  I hope that many of you will be able to come, as your input into the search process is vital, and this is your chance to provide input to our search committee.  So, there are many reasons to come to the church this Sunday:  spaghetti, worship, fellowship, a parish meeting on search input, and seeing the chain link fence and the work in progress.   There is LOTS of FREE parking in the OSU garage across the street (just get a pink ticket at the church), so even though our building looks blocked off, just park in the garage, walk over through our parking lot and around to the back door.   I hope to see you there this Sunday.  We’ll have fun!

Cynthia Whitacre, Senior Warden