Transition News May 5, 2016

Things continue to happen at St. Stephen’s as we have said good bye to Faith Perrizo as our Interim Rector and await the recommendation of the Search Committee for a new Rector. Our staff continues to meet weekly, and the Vestry will continue meeting on the 4th Monday of each month. The new windows on the West side of the church are completed, the organ has been taken away, refurbished, returned, and retuned. The air conditioning units and getting a new power supply to run them are still a work in progress. OSU has done a good deal of work on the landscaping behind the church. Please go out the back door and take a look when you have a chance. We have had several good visiting preachers and are looking forward to more in May. The Search Committee has been making semi-secret parish visits with unnamed  candidates in undisclosed locations. They really are working hard, they just can’t give us any specifics about their progress at this time. The use of our building by outside groups ( The Taoist Tai Chi Society, the International Socialist Organization, and the African American Voices Gospel Choir are just a few examples) continues unabated.


Meghan Western, our Parish Administrator, will be on vacation the week of May 9th. Pam Elwell is coordinating pastoral emergencies, and Joe Fowler and Wayne Sheppard are available if something comes up that cannot wait until Meghan returns.

-Wayne Sheppard