Transition News March 8 2016

This is likely the last transition note that I will be writing as my time on vestry is coming to an end.  For me this will create yet another void, just like the void that was created when Warren’s father died and we no longer had the responsibility for his care.  Just like caring for him increased over time, so did the responsibilities of being Junior Warden.  When George retired, the construction project logically belonged to the Junior Warden and we were fully committed to this project by that time.  If it had not been for the architects, James Calhoun Architect, Inc. we would have fallen flat on our face trying to manage a $700,000 project.  I have learned a lot along the way, and owe them a great deal of gratitude for never viewing my constant probing questions as irritating.  I know it seems like this project will never end, but there is much evidence that it is finally coming together.  Just like me, our building is aging and has a lot of day to day “boo-boos” that require attention.  Yet, serving as Junior Warden has been a blessing to me; sure just like work, there were times that I just wanted it to be over, but also like work, most of the time I have enjoyed the responsibility very much.  It has been an honor that the vestry would put their trust in me to serve in this capacity and this transition will be difficult.

-Mike Harbin, Junior Warden