Transition News March 2, 2016

We have so many transitions underway at St. Stephen’s right now that it is hard to count all of them.  One important milestone was holding our Annual Meeting this past Sunday.  Notes from that meeting are being made available elsewhere in these announcements.  I thought the annual meeting went very well, with many brief and interesting presentations and good questions, showing true engagement from everyone in attendance.  And, the potluck was great!  Congratulations to our new Vestry members and thanks to all who ran.  The old and new Vestry are all working together this month, and the formal transitions will occur at the March 28 Vestry meeting when new wardens are elected.


Looking ahead, we are planning for clergy coverage April-June while we await a new Rector who will hopefully join us over the summer.  Here’s what the schedule looks like now:  Karl Stevens will be preaching/celebrating for 3 Sundays, including April 3.  Hanci Newberry will be celebrating for 3 Sundays, including April 24.  On that Sunday we’ll have a guest preacher, Maia Kotrosits, a Religion professor at Denison University.  Cam Miller, our Rector in the 1990s will be preaching/celebrating on April 10.  David McCoy, our Rector in the 1980s will be preaching/celebrating May 29.  Susan Beem Beery, an assistant priest at St. Stephen’s in the 1980s will be preaching/celebrating on June 12.  Bruce Smith will be joining us as preacher/celebrant for at least 3 Sundays.  Sherm Everett will preach probably twice and maybe even Pam Elwell will preach one of those Sundays.  Bruce Smith has also agreed to provide emergency pastoral care during much of this time, and Sherm Everett will also be available.  More details on all of this will be published later in March.


As a final note, thank you for an amazing 2 years as Senior Warden.  The church photos, courtesy of Chris Donaldson, that Faith presented to Mike and to me on Sunday are truly stunning.  I’m grateful to all of you.  You make this parish a very special place.

-Cynthia Whitacre, Sr. Warden