Transition News June 21, 2016

Some people have been wondering why we have not been talking much about the search in recent newsletters.  The truth is that the search is moving along, but we are in a stage that involves serious confidentiality.  To quote a favorite line of mine from the movie “Animal House” we are in super-secret double probation right now.  We expect to have big news for you soon.  We ask you to be patient with us.

Meanwhile we continue to bring in supply priests on Sundays.  The upcoming schedule is as follows:

June 26 Karl Stevens, Preacher and Celebrant

July 3 Michael Jupin, Preacher and Celebrant

July 10 Sherm Everett, Preacher; Hanci Newberry, Celebrant

July 17 Pam Elwell, Preacher; Hanci Newberry, Celebrant

July 24 Michael Jupin, Celebrant and Preacher

August 7 Marjorie Menual, Celebrant and Preacher

I am currently working with the local Lutheran Synod to bring in a guest preacher and celebrant on August 14.  As you probably already know the Episcopal Church and the ELCA have an agreement that allow pulpit exchanges.  I hope that this will be an interesting experience for the congregation.

In coming weeks we will update you on the building projects that are progressing, although slower than we had hoped.