Transition News June 2 2016

Here is an update on the air conditioning for the church.  The good news is that OSU has approved the easement to run the new electrical service across their property to the church.  The remaining approval is with the state of Ohio Department of Administrative Services.  Ultimately it is the state of Ohio’s land and requires their approval.

The installation in the church continues; the three air handling units (which provide heat and cooling) are complete on the east side of the church.  Installation continues on the west side of the church; an additional heating and cooling unit is being installed on the southwest corner near the entrance.  This unit has been a time consuming installation due to a lack of access from the tunnels.  The cooling lines are being run outside the church on the flat roof above the interior planters.  Installation continues on the air handling unit above the foyer entrance to the church on the west side.  The actual air conditioning units will be set either this week or next in the new enclosure on the north side of the church.

As to completion date, it really depends on how quickly the state of Ohio will process approval on the easement.

Any questions please let me know.

Bernie Castell, Junior Warden