Transition News for March 17, 2016

I was at the church for an early evening Finance Committee meeting yesterday.  Interesting and strange sounds were coming from the sanctuary out to the office area.  Some of them sounded like foghorns; others sounded like bassoons; others like whistles.  It was rather disconcerting, but at the same time exciting.  Staff from Muller Pipe Organ Company are busy working on reinstalling our organ pipes and voicing and tuning them.  As part of the project, we are also getting a new rank of trumpet pipes. It will be wonderful to have our refurbished organ back in place, hopefully this Sunday!  I’m eager to hear the glorious music coming forth from it.  That’s one more transition that will soon be completed.

Please see the news elsewhere in these announcements about the clergy we have lined up for Sundays for April-June.  To celebrate Faith’s retirement, we are planning a celebration for her on April 17 after the 10:30 service.  Faith’s last official Sunday with us will be Easter Sunday, but she’ll come back on April 17 to be in the pews with us and attend the party.  Look for more news about that in the coming weeks.  We have lots of exciting things ahead.  It is a wonderful time to be part of this parish.

Cynthia Whitacre, Senior Warden