Transition News for April 14, 2016

We may not have a Rector, but things are still happening. Last Sunday we had former Rector Cam Miller with us as preacher and Celebrant. Cam is now semi-retired, working as a writer and part time at a church in Geneva, New York. We had an enjoyable Sunday with some visitors attending that we had not seen in a while. This Sunday we will have Rev. Bruce Smith with us as we move forward toward finding a new rector. This Sunday we will also celebrate Faith Perrizo’s time with us as an Interim Rector with a reception organized by Lorraine Deal after the 10:30 service. Also, at some point after the 10:30 service, the Stewardship Committee will be having a presentation in the sanctuary by Lloyd E. Fisher, Esq. regarding Will, Trusts, and estate planning in general.


The Search Committee is conducting on site interviews at secret locations throughout the U.S. and is moving forward with the selection process. Mikalene Guiser and Melanie Schlosser have been magnificent in keeping the Search Committee on task. Their goal is to have a recommendation to the Vestry by the end of June.


Your Vestry is interested in hearing from you if you have questions, comments, or concerns. Vestry members names are on the back of each Sunday bulletin. Please feel free to talk with a Vestry member if you would like. St. Stephen’s doesn’t give you a receipt with an online survey link on it, but we do welcome your questions or concerns.

-Wayne Sheppard, Co-Sr. Warden