Transition News April 6 2016

The times are they are a changin’.  As you probably know by the now the new vestry has elected officers. Shelley Boales is now clerk, Bernie Castell is Junior Warden and I am sharing the position of Senior Warden with Wayne Sheppard.  We want to thank Mignonne Whitlow, Mike Harbin and Cynthia Whitacre for the leadership and hard work that they performed over the past two years.  As I pointed out at the vestry meeting, it sometimes takes two men to replace a good woman.  Because we will be without a rector for several more months, we are trying the unique experiment of co-Senior Wardens.  We will be dividing duties.  Simply speaking Wayne will attend to the financial and business needs of St. Stephen’s.  I will be in charge of administrative functions, chair vestry meetings and, most important of all, sign official papers.  We also want to thank Faith for her service to our community and remind you that after the 10:30 service on Sunday April 17th, we will be having an event to say good-bye to her.  Please join us.

-Joe Fowler, Co-Sr. Warden