This Past’s Sunday’s Sermon

I recorded this before the livestream, as a way of practicing what I’d say during the service, so it’s a little different from what you heard if you were watching on Sunday. One difference is that Coleton Raver was able to join us during the livestream and read his poem. I’m including the text of it below the audio player.

The Good News, by Coleton Raver

When the Father and the Spirit
breathed life
into the Son
the crucifixion,
the bread, and the wine,
was just a thought
in the back of the Son’s mind.

The Son brought a message
for all to hear,
for those who didn’t understand.
From Bethlehem, to Galilee,
to Jerusalem, to Calvary,
the Risen Son is the body of the message:
Hope of life eternal and love for all,
Heaven is at hand.


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