The Plan for Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday will fall on February 17th this year. Because of the continuing pandemic, we won’t be able to have in-person services, but we do want to have in-person imposition of ashes. Our solution to this is to hold an online service at 12:30 PM, which will then be viewable throughout the rest of the day. At 1:30 PM and at 7:00 PM we will go outside to the parking lot, and offer imposition of ashes. We will do so in two different ways:

  • The liturgics team will administer ashes to those who walk by or pull their cars into the lot, stepping close only for the actual imposition and sanitizing their hands after each imposition.
  • For those who would rather do the imposition of ashes themselves, or who would like to take ashes home to administer to their households, we will provide ashes in a bag and a small written rite for them to use.

You can watch the online service on Facebook by clicking this link, or on Youtube by clicking this link.

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