Students in Louisville Loved a “Caring for Creation” Post

St. Stephen’s office received a thank you for one of the “Caring for Creation” posts, “What’s So Bad about Plastic?”, that the Old Louisville Student Conservation Association found especially useful in preparing their Environmental Education workshops during April. Leader Marc Kelly wrote to us to say “You shared some great recycling information to incorporate into our seminars, so our group requested I reach out and thank you so you know how much you’ve helped us!” 😀 We rarely get fan mail so this was really, really special!

The group did want to return the favor, so they sent us two links to sites they found especially helpful. The first is about something we have rarely written about: selling, donating and recycling old clothing. The second link was about how to recycle. This is not a site we’ve used before because you can find the same sort of list, specific to Columbus, at SWACO. We put the SWACO link in at the end of the column every week. But it also has information that SWACO doesn’t, like how to reduce junk mail, and more links to detailed information than SWACO does about composting, glass recycling, reusing basics, and reducing single-use items. So many thanks to the high-schoolers of OLSCA for using our research and sharing their research with us!

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