BY WISDOM A HOUSE IS BUILT: 2022 Stewardship Campaign

In 2021, Saint Stephen’s will abound in hope as we work to ensure that the gifts of our beloved community will be present now and for all future generations.In 2022, St. Stephen’s will increase our presence on campus as a house of prayer, community, and  justice. 

On this page you will find:

2022 Stewardship Prayer

God of grace and generosity, we thank you for helping us to feel each other’s presence in our lives, even during times of God of grace and generosity, you have created and fostered our church in the midst of a university community. Thank you for the gifts of learning, research, and formation. Help us to serve our neighborhood, to grow in our own understanding of your creation, and to assist young people as they come of age in a fractured world. Help us to learn from each other as we learn from you. Increase our generosity so that we might grow as a community of service to others. For you are the wellspring of our hope, our love, and our understanding. Amen.

2022 Stewardship Message

As I sit at my desk every day, I often see students, faculty members, and people who have loved ones at the Wexner Medical Center trying to get into the sanctuary. They want a quiet place for prayer in the midst of their day, but for security reasons we’ve had to keep the sanctuary locked. At the beginning of October, we completed a project that we’ve been working on for three years now, and created a new emergency exit door from the sanctuary. This allows us to lock the doors that lead into the offices, and open the sanctuary for prayer and meditation during the week. It is all part of a new understanding of our role on campus.

OSU doesn’t have a chapel, or any building that is dedicated to prayer and worship. In August, the Vestry affirmed that one of the main ways we can serve our community is by acting as the campus chapel. Our relationship with the campus has only been growing stronger over the past decade. The Buckeye Food Alliance uses the old Bookworm space to serve students who are food-insecure. Reset Button Counseling has three offices on the second floor of Hobson Hall where counselors meet with students. The office space by the south doors to Hobson Hall is being used by two social workers whom OSU and the Neighborhood Improvement District have hired to serve our unhoused neighbors. 

This outreach to campus is done out of a desire to serve, but we are, of course, glad to see it result in our growth as a parish. We have more young adults coming to St. Stephen’s and participating in Young Adult Ministries (YAMs) then we have had in a very long time. Because many people choose to stay in Columbus after they graduate, these new members of our parish may become part of our community for years to come. Even if these dear new friends move on after they’ve graduated, we are gifted every day by their presence and wisdom.

As I think about the future of St. Stephen’s, it seems very bright to me. I believe that we are wise in using our time and treasure to build a house that serves the needs of campus and the surrounding community, and I invite you to join me in pledging your money and your talents so that we can continue to build on what we have started.



Parish Financials & Stewardship Ask

As you can see, a little more than half of our income comes from the OSU Settlement. Last year we set a goal of reducing the amount we take from the Settlement income by 10% per year. We were successful in that goal and raised $19,000 more than we did in 2020. To meet that goal again, we need to raise $17,000 more than we did last year, for a total of $156,000. We will invest the money saved in our long-term endowment fund. In nineteen years, when the settlement money runs out, we hope to have built the principal of the endowment so that we can fund many of our operations from the interest on the endowment. We also hope to have grown substantially as a church, and to have correspondingly increased our pledge income.

We realize that many new members don’t have steady incomes, particularly if they’re students. If you can only pledge a small financial amount, please consider giving of your time and talent. There is a space for you to write in gifts of time and talent on the pledge card at the back of this booklet.

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