Some Environmental Joy

We’re in the third week of Advent which began with “Gaudete Sunday” (Joy Sunday), so let’s look at some environmental news that can bring us some of the joy.
First, puppies. One of the senior writers of Treehugger, a great environmental news site, has fostered three Merle puppies. They look like adorable little polar bear cubs, so she picked bear names for them from those submitted by readers. The problem with Merle dogs is that if bred true, the puppies are likely to be born blind or deaf. You can read more about the puppies, Merle dogs, and how to raise them in Mary Jo DiLonardo’s article.
How about something to listen to as you wrap presents? “How to Save a Planet”  by journalist Alex Blumberg and marine biologist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson asks “What do we need to do to address the climate crisis and how do we make those things happen?” and then answers that question and others submitted by listeners in weekly podcasts exploring a wide variety of topics. The podcasts focus on ways ordinary people can do something beyond recycling and are surprisingly upbeat and hopeful for such a dire subject.
With virtual school out and many businesses giving extra time off, Presbyterians for Earth Care offer GREEN Ways to Celebrate Advent & Christmas, Save Energy, and Care for Creation in 2020 for the rest of Advent and the week of Christmas and New Year . You’ll find gift ideas, outside activities, energy reduction suggestions and books to read by the fire (real or virtual on your TV screen).
Lastly, amidst all the exploitation of Mother Earth, Indigenous Americans are trying to reverse the destruction with the “Landback Movement.” Read stories from four Native American leaders about their efforts to decolonize our relationship to land. Their movement works to restore traditional Indigenous values of respect for the earth and how to live lightly with her, as well as to get the U.S. government to honor original treaties and return the land to people who know how to care for it.
You can find this and all the Creation Care blogs for the church website I have written at a consolidating blog I have created:
Blessings to you as Advent draws to a close!

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