September Construction On Woodruff In Front Of St. Stephens

An announcement has gone out from OSU concerning construction on the sidewalks and curbing on Woodruff and High St. during Sept.  The construction will affect St. Stephen’s front entrance.  The Wardens and Interim Rector, St. Stephen’s Architect, General Contractor, and our Electrician,   met with representatives from OSU and   Messer Construction to coordinate their construction plans and ours. For our part, the electricity for the HVAC system necessitates trenching s section of High St. and running a sleeve for the electrical wiring.  Since OSU will already be digging up part of that area, we will be able to tap in to working with them in doing that work.

The construction on Woodruff will necessitate closing off most of the front steps for a period of 2-3 weeks.  Access from the front steps will be closed for Sun., Sept. 20 and 27.  We have asked that a small section of steps be left open during the construction so that we have emergency exit access if necessary  (hopefully not!), but we will need to enter the church by the north door off the parking lot for Sept. 20 and 27.