Seasonal Bulletins

We believe that we are not only stewards of our parish, but of God’s creation. Our stewardship includes using resources wisely, and being careful about generating waste, so we’ll be trying something new this year. Every liturgical season, we will create a Seasonal Bulletin, which will be printed once and repeatedly used. Readings, hymn, choices, and announcements will be on a separate sheet that will be inserted into the bulletin each week.

The Season After the Epiphany is a season of reconciliation & pilgrimage. Reconciliation, because God has become human, embracing human nature as something beautiful and good and full of the potential for divinity. Pilgrimage because we remain aware of all of those things in us that must be abandoned on the road, if we are to live into that potential and find God within ourselves, and ourselves in God.

Our worship during this season reflects these themes, and this bulletin aims to both lead and teach about that worship. You can download a copy of the bulletin for personal use and community adaptation by following this link:

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